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When Automation Meets Personalization: Enhancing Real Estate Lead Generation

In the dynamic realm of real estate, the use of marketing automations significantly enhances lead generation processes. Tuttoimmobili, a real estate agency in Lugano, Switzerland, collaborated with ReachOut Marketing to develop a portal for Residenza Pioppi, utilizing a combination of newsletters and SEO strategies to generate interest and leads for their new development.

When Automation Meets Personalization: Enhancing Real Estate Lead Generation

Tuttoimmobili transitioned from manual methods in handling leads from platforms like Immoscout24 and Homegate to an automated approach. ReachOut Marketing introduced a custom email parsing application and API automation that integrated CRM property information into the ReachOut CMS. This transition facilitated a comprehensive business intelligence dashboard that improved visibility across the sales process and automated personalized landing pages for each prospective buyer.

Marketing automations can dramatically improve the user experience in lead generation processes by providing relevant and real-time feedback to users. More so when including relevant personalized information that users were waiting for submitting an enquire through a real estate portal.

Switzerland's most common real estate portals are Immoscout24 and Homegate among others, and most real estate agencies advertise their available properties on these portals. Requests from buyers or renters come through to agencies as an email containing the details of the request.

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Tuttoimmobili, a real estate agency and developer based in Lugano, Switzerland, worked in with ReachOut Marketing in 2023 to build the portal for their latest new development in the area Residenza Pioppi. The new portal leveraged a newsletter and SEO content strategy to drive interest and create leads to sell the remaining available units. Since the release multiple qualified leads were generated and units sold streamlining the viewing appointment request process.

In 2024, Tuttoimmobili was working leads from real estate portals manually, submitting property information in manual emails to prospective buyers or renters, then following up to qualify and schedule a viewing.

ReachOut Marketing developed a custom email parsing application to receive emails from the portals and create a lead and a recipient in the ReachOut CMS. Also, we developed an API automation to pull the property information from a dedicated CRM.

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By importing and consolidating all the information in the ReachOut CMS, Tuttoimmobili started gaining better visibility of the entire process thanks to a custom business intelligence dashboard built specifically for the use case, and complete access to sorting, filtering and recipient research.

Adding recipients automatically in the CMS allowed to create personalized landing pages for each recipient and for each property. The main scope of the landing page is to provide further detailed information about the property, and offer a real-time viewing request scheduling tool that includes personalized emails as feedback and follow-up.

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Since launch in March 2024, the automated funnel has seen a conversion rate of more than 30% on leads generated from portals and followed up automatically by the journey in place. By reducing the time to relevant communication and removing manual work with precise information and viewing confirmations, the sales team could then start focusing on engaging with qualified prospected buyers and renters. Also, the business intelligence dashboard is now providing valuable insights in real time for the sales strategy meetings that can see recipient-level engagement metrics and information to refine the sale strategy.