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We always wanted a digital marketing platform like this

ReachOut app is a new kind of data-driven digital marketing automation platform for personalized multi-channel campaigns

We always wanted a digital marketing platform like this

ReachOut is a digital marketing platform with the unique proposition to improve the use of customer data for relevant email and web campaigns that, through advanced personalization, resonate with the audience and convert more.

It is designed to help marketing teams improve their campaigns fuelling conversions by connecting email and web campaigns through user data.

As a marketing agency implementing campaigns for large to medium-sized organizations, we have struggled with the limitations of platforms only allowing one table for the recipient data, forcing to conform the implementation to a specific data schema, and imposing artificial limitations to our effort to grow the recipient database.

We have developed ReachOut, a flexible and powerful digital marketing platform for organizations - including marketing agencies - looking at collecting data from multiple sources to improve the relevancy of their communication across channels.

Since then, we have come a long way and built hundreds of email flows, marketing landing pages and database driven campaigns. We have built ReachOut on what we needed.

Here are our requirements to spark more engagement and conversions:

  1. Provide a easy to use interface to manage and upload tables of data. Allow to work with multiple data types and adjust the data schema when needed without breaking the implementation.
  2. Work with multiple tables of data at the same time and create field relations for more advanced recipient segmentation.
  3. Connect any React web application to collect analytics data and use it to trigger emails or messages, read and write to and from a table of data.
  4. Work in compliance with GDPR and other data privacy regulations.
  5. Be able to analyze the data collected with an advanced business intelligence tool. Metrics and KPIs are often specific to the brand or campaign and one tool doesn't fit all.

ReachOut is currently in private beta, and we are offering to select teams access to the platform.

We are personally on-boarding teams of any size to make the most of the marketing automation platform we built. We also offer an introductory, time-limited campaign implementation service on a monthly subscription that makes launching campaigns as easy as providing content, media and goals to a team of professionals to see it done.

You can start building your database immediately after being set up on the platform and by creating the first campaigns adjust as needed. With no monthly subscription fees, organizations can take their time to explore the functionalities and opportunities of a fully integrated marketing automation platform that allows to create mass, triggered, transactional and newsletter email campaigns all in one place.

We wanted a platform like the one we have built and cannot wait to meet like-minded teams of professionals who have met the limitations of other platforms as we did. This will give us valuable feedback to improve, growing in the direction of making user data accessible to marketers for engaging web and email campaigns.

With the data protection regulations in effect in multiple countries and growing data privacy conscious users, we designed the infrastructure to secure data and comply with the toughest security requirements. Finance, health care, insurance and other sensitive data industries can finally take advantage of personalized campaigns that keep the user data safe.

Make sure to join the beta today.