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ReachOut case studies: increasing conversions through relevancy

While the ReachOut platform is currently in private beta, ReachOut Marketing outsource their marketing production to a dedicated team of professionals who have been implementing campaigns that were seen by more than 1.5 million recipients.

ReachOut case studies: increasing conversions through relevancy

ReachOut beta customers have had access to our marketing automation platform for a few months now, helping shape a new type of data-driven platform for digital marketers looking to increase their conversions through personalized communication. It became obvious that to grow conversions, messages should be relevant and timely, so they resonate with the recipient more.

The platform has so far personalized the content of web landing page for more than 1.5 million recipients. On average, it sends more than 3 million emails and tracks views of more than 9 million web pages using our Analytics library.

We are particularly fond of some of the use cases that we were engaged with as ReachOut Marketing, an end-to-end marketing production service starting at $1,495 for full email marketing outsourcing.

Increasing in-person events attendance through just in time communication

ReachOut Marketing was challenged with the task of streamlining the process of registering and confirming participation in a series of events for real estate professional in Switzerland and Monaco. The existing invitation and confirmation process included sending out invitation emails with HubSpot along with a few reminders along the line before the event.

With ReachOut Marketing, repeople gained a 40% increase in attendance leveraging a confirmation and reminder flow by sending target personalized emails. It also reached a wider audience by including an automatic referral system that would invite friends with a personalized invitation message, and completed the fifth in-person event with an outstanding 60% feedback completion rate and 75% satisfaction rating.


repeople: landing page hero and personalized call-to-action for event registration

The ReachOut platform was set up to work with 3 tables: the recipient table, for all the recipient information, the events table, for event signups and confirmations, and the feedback table, for event feedbacks and follow-ups.

The recipient table was set up with one-to-many relations to the events and feedback tables. Each recipients could therefore subscribe and provide feedback to multiple events, with the additional benefit of visualizing the participation trends and feedback ratings.

The web site has been built using NextJS and the ReachOut library for dynamic page personalization and tracking, and hosted on the ReachOut scalable infrastructure.

User journey

The user journey for each event started with an invitation email sent to a list of existing recipients. The personalized landing page was pre-populated with the recipient's information and allowed to update the information and confirm participation. A personalized triggered email was then sent, confirming the event registration and inviting the attendee to refer a friend by landing on another personalized page which would  only require the email address of the friends to refer.

Referred recipients would receive a personalized triggered email which would link to a personalized confirmation page.

On the day of the event, a personalized reminder email was sent linking to a check-in page. Clicking on the check-in button would trigger a personalized email asking to provide feedback at the end of the event.

To further increase feedback conversions and attendance, after 2 days from the end of the event an automated email would remind, to recipients who did not provide any feedback yet, to provide feedback and to save the date for the next scheduled event.

Results and take-aways

During the 5 events held in 2023, repeople could gain valuable insights from user interactions and has seen the event participation and interest grow.

ReachOut noted how recipients showed a higher engagement rate when the email and landing page content was personalized and relevant to them. Referring friends with a personalized email mentioning the referrer's name converted almost 80% of new recipients into new leads for future events.

ReachOut Marketing is continuosly helping repeople with landing page and marketing email implementations as well as ways to optimize the user journey by leveraging the user interactions and turn them into loyal followers.

Exclusive fashion event integrating invitations and Stripe payments

One of the most iconic shopping districts of Lugano (Switzerland) is working towards gaining international popularity through a new consumer-oriented web site property. As a work in progress, the Via Nassa "Cena Sotto le Stelle" event leveraged a two-step invitation and registration process and integrated Stripe payments for immediate reservations.

ReachOut Marketing's scope of work was to implement the marketing agency's design to build a new NextJS web application backed by the ReachOut library and CMS. The marketing database has been set up to hold multiple tables of content (events, brands, promotions, things to do, etc.) with flexible custom fields. The events and payments tables were also created in the CMS to hold the event registration, event confirmations and payments.

Via Nassa

Via Nassa's "Cena Sotto le Stelle": a two-step registration form reduces drop-offs during checkout

The Stripe payment gateway was integrated to allow taking immediate reservation payments for a variable number of seats at the dinner. Ticket reservations would then be fed back into the marketing databases and attached to the event registration table.

User journey

The Via Nassa Association sends out invites to members, VIPs and public figures both online and offline. Invitations would link to the landing page which allows to submit a "show of interest" registration. This will send out a personalized triggered email reminding the details of the events and ways to complete the reservation.

The following step presents two ways of finalizing the reservation: credit card payment or wire transfer. The user journey would then split depending on the user choice. Either a Stripe checkout payment would be triggered or a personalized wire transfer email would be sent out. In both cases the reservation would then be confirmed with a personalized email summarizing the details of the reservation and inviting reservation holders to refer friends to the event.

Results and take-aways

Mazzantini Associati, the well-known and respected marketing agency based in Lugano, trusted ReachOut Marketing to implement the web application, marketing database, email templates and triggers for the end-to-end campaign.

Adding two steps of registration, asking for fewer details at first, reduced drop-offs and allowed to close more registrations by contacting registered people who did not finalize the reservation.

Custom advanced logic has become more and more natural in today's digital journeys, and a well-designed user journey that invests in user data protection pays off with more engaged users in the long term.

ReachOut Marketing

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