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Build advanced multi-channel campaigns with the most powerful data-based marketing platform

Beta features available

  • cms
  • email
  • web
  • sms

marketing automation

Advanced personalization

Powerful data-based campaigns to personalize email and web touch points

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Mass emails.
Create a table, filter recipients and send marketing emails with recipient-based open and click tracking.
Triggered emails.
Set up a dynamic template and send automated emails when an action happens on your website.
Transactional emails.
Create a behavior filter and connect a list to automate and recur email sends for onboarding series and more.
Newsletter emails.
Connect a list and a content table and send a newsletter to all recipients when new content is published.
Dynamic React / NextJS websites.
Our proprietary Analytics library works with React websites and allow full first-party tracking and dynamic page personalization.
CMS and secure API.
We deploy a headless CMS to allow full data management and to export tables with relations to touch points.


Create tables and configure fields, relations, filters and more. Launch campaigns supported by your growing user data sources safely.

Design your data schema and adjust as needed without breaking existing campaigns.
Design your data schema and adjust as needed without breaking existing campaigns.
Full personalization.
Build powerful campaigns while keeping your data schema compatible with your business apps.

Advanced user data personalization

A leap forward for marketing teams

Keep your existing data schema and connect multiple touch points to the same tables leveraging data relations for real personalized marketing automation.

Table relations

Our CMS allows to easily create unlimited tables and create relations between them. Keep your recipient list separate from event registrations, sales or other user properties.

Advanced filtering

Create unlimited recipient segments to use dynamic lists with touch points. Create behavior-based filters to automate touch point actions based on events.

Newsletter emails

With the unique newsletter email touch point type, email series only need one email template to automatically send when a new content is published.

ReachOut marketing

Your marketing team on a subscription

We have listened to the feedback of hundreds of customers and we have learnt from the pain and limitations they faced. Many marketing automation platforms impose limitations, like single recipient tables or opinionated designs, to increase simplicity and allow customers to achieve their goals quicker.

With a monthly subscription to ReachOut marketing plan, organizations put their digital marketing to work for them with no additional overhead.

We set up data tables, implement your brief, build touch points and make sure that everything runs smoothly. We also optimize for maximum deliverability and to improve your results and conversions in time.

ReachOut marketing subscribers skip the queue to our beta program and get immediate access to ReachOut app to monitor their campaigns. We also allow for expedited feature requests from our founding members.

ReachOut marketing
Submit your brief

Once subscribed, the ReachOut marketing team will work with you to implement and launch your marketing campaigns with ReachOut app.

Work with us

Efficiently communicate on our support ticket system, attach drafts, receive updates, access your data and monitor results.

Run and repeat

Once approved your campaigns go live and you can focus on learning from data insights and adjust for the next campaign.

Outsource your marketing production

$599 / month

Immediate access to ReachOut app

Volume pricing, no monthly fees.

ReachOut app has no monthly subscriptions or hidden fees. Only pay for the volume, and save with pre-paid credit packs that never expire.

Request access to the beta today and get 50,000 free email and web credits

for 1,000 emails sent

Billed monthly on the actual volume of emails sent. Save up to 80% with pre-paid credit packs.


  • Mass, triggered, transactional and newsletter email types
  • Connect unlimited recipient tables
  • Full email tracking
  • Email analytics
  • DKIM, DMARC and SPF support

for 1,000 web page views

Billed monthly on the actual volume of emails sent. Save up to 80% with pre-paid credit packs.


  • React library
  • Connect and personalize unlimited websites
  • Track visits and actions
  • Trigger emails from anywhere
  • Deploy SEO and performance optimized web apps